60 years in the airport handling industry we offer our services to more than 100 airline companies in airports throughout Italy and Europe. Experience is our strong point.
The constant professional growth of our Team is what allows us to offer excellent service and a high level of quality, day after day. We invest in people, because the value of the individual is the value of GH Italia.
The GH Italia Network guarantees high standards of quality in all of the airports in which we provide our services. The advantage of having a single point of reference is the certainty of finding a professional, trustworthy and secure partner wherever and whenever you may need assistance.


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Core Values

We put our customer’s satisfaction first. The entire organization is based on serving its clients’ needs and maintaining an effective customer relations. We are constantly seeking to provide services which fully respond to the expectations of our interlocutors, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, safety and innovation. The entire organization has adopted an orientation toward the customer by promoting, when requested, a personalization of our services on the basis of specific needs.
All the activities carried out by our organization are designed to offer safe, reliable, professional service which is in line with the expectations of our customers.Processes, responsibilities and procedures are clearly defined in order to ensure that the quality expected corresponds to the quality provided.
Behind our work there are excellence and competence. Every day we learn something new to offer to our customer the best service ever. We are dedicated to developing the skills and the competences of management and employees so that individuals can find personal satisfaction in their work by contributing to the growth of the entire organization.
We aim to build stable and long-lasting relationship with all our interlocutors since we believe that the quality of service provided is enhanced if all actors actively participate in the completion of the mission. A true co-creation of value is our mission. 


Our Vision

We are the largest independent operator in Italy. As customer-focused provider of ground handling services, we are able to adapt to the dynamic nature of the current market meeting at the same time the expectations and the needs of each individual carrier, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, safety and technological innovation.


Strategic Alliance

GH Italia, AeroGround, Goldair Handling, AAS Airline Assistance Switzerland and Aviator are part of the most important European ground handling network. logo groundnet no slogan


Main Customer