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GH Italia is pleased to announce that it has started an important process to renew and modernize its GSE fleet. As part of this process GH ITALIA has signed a GSE Full Service Rental contract with TCR at Venice, Naples and Bologna airports for 200 extra GSE units. The lease cooperation starts on the 1st of May 2018.

GH Italia takes a trendsetter’s position by upgrading its GSE fleet through leasing with TCR. By doing this, GH Italia makes possible the rapid renewal of most of the fleet at the 3 airports, optimizes their GSE operations and prepares for future growth. On top of this, part of the equipment bears an anti-collision system to prevent damage to aircraft during handling operations and therefore increases safety. By doing this, GH wants to give an optimal service to local airlines and airport authorities by providing operations with safe GSE which complies with IATA AHM 903. Furthermore, GH and TCR are also taking a “green” approach to this contract, by introducing electric stairs and conveyor belts, as well as motorized equipment with the latest eco-friendly Euro 6 diesel engines.

Once fully up and running, the concept may be extended to other stations across GH Italian network.

Beside this agreement GH ITALIA will directly purchase new and modern GSE ( as busses, cargo loaders etc )

“GH Italia has chosen TCR, as a trustworthy business partner able to supply a fleet of over 200 units of ground support equipment rapidly and reliably. GH Italia will retain for the time being some of their previous GSE units. Naples and Venice will be supplied first, and Bologna will follow later. More specifically, GH will rent, at each of the 3 airports, 38 new GSE units (Stairs, GPU’s, CVB’s) and 31 units from TCR’s existing fleet (EBT’s diesel tractors, push back tractors, ASU, WSU, TSU).This partnership is part of a renewal process which will make the equipment more environmentally friendly and safer for staff and customers alike. The project will be completed by a direct purchase of additional and strategic major GSE equipment (such as new busses, cargo loaders, etc.) from manufacturers by the end of 2020. This process will enable GH Italia to completely renew most of its equipment and consistently reduce the impact on the environment.” Says Paolo Zincone chairman/CEO of GH Italia.

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