Rome Ciampino(CIA)

Executive Aviation:

Handling: private, cargo and ambulance flights

Passengers & Crew assistance

Paggengers & Crew trasportation from/to terminal

Porterage from A/C straight to passengers' vehicle

Extra services: GPU, Conveyor belt, Highloader, Toilette svc,

Potable water, Pushback, Headphone, Weapon escort, Trash removal,

Passenger step, Cargo & Ambulance documentation, Wheelchair,

Ambulift, Forklift

PPR request

Aircraft loading - unloading


Customs & Police assistance for passengers and crew

Arrival & Departure MVT

Weather request

Catering request

Hotel reservation

Passengers & crew trasportation limousine service

Fuelling request

Porterage service

Full welcome service


Service Provider:

GH Napoli Spa


Registered Office:

Via dei Fiorentini, 21

80133 - Naples


ADM Headquarter:

Piazza Carità, 32

80134 - Naples - Italy





Main Customer